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eLama is a smart digital marketing 
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Why eLama?

Our tools are created to optimize PPC marketing performance across multiple advertising systems. Single platform for bidding automation, campaign performance boost, statistics tracking and more.


A single statistics dashboard for multiple advertising platforms

Receive all the important data about your Google Ads  and Facebook Ads performance in a single dashboard  without switching between advertising systems.

Facebook Advisor 

Find out how you can optimize your Facebook ads performance with Facebook Advisor. It will analyze your campaign, identify its shortcomings and recommend how to boost ad performance.

Facebook Lead Ads Import Tool

Do you use Lead Ads format? Receive lead data updates directly to your inbox and within your eLama account by using our Lead Ads Import tool.

eLama Support Team 

Our top-of-the-line support team will help you tackle any advertising issues. Our professionals are ready to assist you with questions concerning  Facebook advertising tools and the eLama platform itself.

How to start working with eLama


Sign up with eLama 


Click “Add” in the eLama dashboard and choose “Facebook”


Click “Proceed with Facebook” and authorize Facebook in the opened window


Choose your Facebook Ads account you want to connect to eLama from the opened list 
(Only USD accounts accepted)

You can now use eLama tools for Facebook!

Start advertising on Facebook and Instagram with eLama automation and optimization tools. 
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